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Pediatric Terminology

Below is a list of terms we prefer to use in our office. Over the years, Dr. Kim has found these words help children feel much more comfortable, and less anxious. These special terms help children have a positive visit.

Thank you for helping us provide quality dental care for your child and make each visit a positive experience!

Instead of… We prefer to say…
Radiographs or x-rays Tooth pictures
Poke with explorer or sharp instrument Tooth counter
Suction Mr. Thirsty or Thirsty Straw
Cavities Sugar Bugs
Fluoride treatment Tooth vitamins
Laughing gas/Nitrous Oxide Happy Air
Give a shot or use a needle Spray sleepy juice
Mouth prop Tooth chair or pillow
Use a rubber dam Keep the tooth dry with a raincoat
Clamp Tooth hugger or ring
Drill the tooth Polish the tooth
Fillings Paint or polish
Pull or yank the tooth Wiggle the tooth
Impressions Tooth prints or play-doh

*If your child has questions about an upcoming appointment, please do not overwhelm him/her with too much information. Simple answers are best, such as:

"The dentist is going to clean the bugs off of your tooth!" and "the dentist will make your tooth smooth again!"

We always reassure our patients by communicating with them during the procedure. We will help them with anything he/she needs.

*Please feel free to ask us if you have any questions. We look forward to a fun and lasting relationship with you and your child!